Monday, May 22, 2006

My Apologies to the Ladies

Well, we went on our little blogging ladies weekend. Lots and lots of fun. And no one turned out to be an old man, so that was good.

After the dinner Saturday, we had our group picture taken by some folks in the parking lot. One "photographer" was quite funny. He kept saying things like, "Okay, now you're angry!"

Then, for me, as a pregnant lady (the other pregnant blogger having departed) who had gotten little sleep the night before and hadn't had a nap in two days, things began to fall apart.

The girls decided on a shopping trip to the dollar store and/or Wally-World to get matching, cheap-o mementos. Fine, no problem. But things started to get a little silly, and I started to want only a bed. Only a bed and not prolonged and drawn out giddiness at the Wal-Mart.

I am not always a party pooper.

So, I must give my apologies to the ladies. I hope that y'all will forgive my grumpy face and manners and understand that it was only my hormones and not because I didn't like any of you. You were all delightful, and I am only sorry I could not join you in your late night glee.


Emily said...

i'm sure they all know that - they've all been pregnant before, right?

from what i've heard, it was a super fun weekend. hope you are feeling better. :)

emlouisa said...

That whole pregnancy thing just sucks the life out of you, eh? I'm impressed that you didn't give in at 7pm. I would have when I was pregnant!

It was fun meeting you!

ABC Momma said...

I was exhausted, still am, and I'm not even pregnant. I hope. I'm so glad you were there--I put your link on my sidebar so I can read your blog more often.

melnel said...

I'm glad no one was an old man.

I hope your weekend away was wonderful.

I hope your husband handled everything at home without too many unnatural disasters.

I hope your now-rescued husband has shown great appreciation for all the hard work "mom-ing" requires. :)

mom on a wire said...

I had a great time with you my dear! I hope you've gotten some rest after the crazy weekend we had.

The Daring One said...

Sleep, sleep much. We were sad to be without you but we all understand the pregnancy thing. It is the tired of the near-dead. You held up amazingly well.

owlhaven said...

I didn't notice a bit of grump, girl...don't worry about it!


Tess said...

glad you had a good time!

Taffi said...

Ditto Mary... I didn't notice any grumpiness! It was so fun to meet you!

The Constant Gardener said...

I ditto Brooke...I'm not preggo and I was worn out for two days following all the glee.

You're awesome and nobody thinks you're a party pooper!

Heather from One Woman's World said...

We're just glad you were able to put up with the raucousness as long as you did. I'm not sure my pregnant self could have. Thanks for the ride, and the great conversation. And the advice. I took it. It is already helping. If you don't remember what you told me to do, blame it on the pregnancy. I remember, and I mean it. Thanks, because it really helped me out!:)